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1. Basic Operations

2. Primary number system

3. Integers

4. Algebra (Introduction)

5. Simple equations (on integers)

6. Fractions and Rational numbers

7. Decimals and Irrational numbers

8. Square and square roots

9. Cube and cube roots

10. Real numbers and its properties

11. Simple equations (on Real numbers)

12. Exponents (Level-I)

13. Arithmetic (Level-1)

14. Plane Geometry (Level-1)

15. Mensuration (Level-1)

16. Algebraic expressions

17. Algebraic identities

18. Linear equations in one variable

19. Solution for linear equations in two variables

20. Changing subject and do as a direct

21. Factorization

22. Exponents (Level-2)

23. Rationalization (Surds)

24. Polynomials

25. Arithmetic (Level-2)

26. Plane Geometry (Level-2)

27. Mensuration (Level-2)

28. Co-ordinate Geometry (Introduction)

29. Trigonometric ratio’s

30. Logarithms

31. Progressions

32. Mathematical Induction

33. Quadratic equations

34. Sets & relations

35. Intervals, Inequalities

36. Functions (algebraic functions and inequalities)

37. Trigonometry upto Transformations

38. Matrices

39. Co-ordinate Geometry (Straight lines)